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December 1, 2022, Doha, Qatar: KAORU MITOMA, 25, #9 (i) of Japan keeping ball in play, during the FIFA 2022 World Cup soccer match of the group phase between Japan and Spain at International Jalifa Stadium. Japan scored it to take the lead during its 2-1 win over Spain on Thursday, referees initially disallowed it because the ball, a second before the goal, seemed to have crossed the end line. The video assistant referee (VAR), after reviewing the play, overturned the call on the field because, although replays and still photos both appeared to show the ball crossing the line, it didnít, at least not fully, apparently. The rule is the ball is only out of play when the entirety of it has fully cleared the plane of the boundary. And thus, after video review, the goal was given. (Credit Image: © Rodrigo Jimenez/EFE via ZUMA Press)

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